Scope of work range from concept illustrations, through high-poly modelling to final assets delivery.

All the vehicle models were created in Blender, textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop, and rendered in Sketchfab.

The Tukshai 3-wheeler that can be found in ‘Sanhok’ environment

The Tukshai 3-wheeler that can be found in ‘Sanhok’ environment

All the models include detailed exterior, interior and a working underbody (suspension). All of the parts respect proportions and design language of real vehicles, era accuracy and their actual purpose. From materials, to manufacturing methods, all of them are carefully researched and recreated to mimic their related environment. Each of the vehicles contain an undercarriage that is technically correct and could work in real world.

The Mirado, a muscle car from 70s used on ‘Miramar’ south american desert.


A key ingriedent for these vehicles is accurate material recreation, whether it’s an old rusty paint, layed with a brush, or a metallic golden paintjob, a vinyl wrap or a wood burned with cigarette buns. Equally important it is to show how these cars, two- or three-wheelers were used and in what kind of environment. A different dirt and damage will appear in an European island compared to Asian rainforest, and even more different when it’s cold outside and everything is covered in snow.

But the most attention goes to the little details: stickers, photos, writings, punctures, repairs, hand marks and all other remains of previous usage and customization. All of the cars are worth taking a closer look to find them all.

The Pick-up, another one from the dusty desert.


To allow multiple variants with as little resources usage as possible, the cars are made in a modular way. Parts that would be detachable, actually are detachable, allowing for many iterations of the same vehicle. It can appear as a stock variant, a damaged one, a one stripped from bumpers or roof, with punctured tires or without wheels.

The Motorcycle. Comes in 2 or 3 wheeled variant.


What is important in a game like PUBG, is the ability to tell what vehicle it is from a distance, especially in action-packed situations. In the design process, the silhouette is taken into consideration along other major components, making sure it won’t be mistaken with any other car or bike.

The most recognizable of them all - The Buggy. It was also one the first vehicles.

The most recognizable of them all - The Buggy. It was also one the first vehicles.


As much as readability is important in the gameplay, it is important for the design to not be mistaken or associated with any other product it was designed for. A low-riding yellow buggy with two round ‘eyes’ - headlights, double opposed seats, colorful vertical straps and motorcycle-like rear end speaks PUBG like no other similar vehicle.

Multiple fan-arts found in the Internet and even real-life replicas keeping those characteristics prove the importance of finding a unique design language.

The Truck. The biggest one.


Given the fact, that environments in PUBG vary a lot between each other, it requires the vehicles to be different and adapted to the current environment. While players got used to the desert Pick-up, it would look nowhere as good on Sanhok (asian tropics) as an old japanese workhorse. A small change for the player, a big one for keeping the map’s consistency in art style and credibility.

Same thing goes for the Motorcycle and Snow Motorcycle - they stay the same gameplay wise, but stylistycally they belong elsewhere.

The Rony, a japanese pick-up for asian map.

The Snow Motorcycle

The Furo - the one with actually no wheels and with the most of them at the same time.

The Furo - the one with actually no wheels and with the most of them at the same time.


Since PUBG is an online game with up to 100 players on a map at once, it requires the assets to be as optimized as possible. For complex models and their details, like the Snowmobile suspension, the shape and mechanical solutions had to be simplified in a way where minimal rigging was needed. For example, the track itself is a looped plane with only the UV being animated and not the individual track segments themselves.

The Zima 4x4

The gallery is being updated as new vehicles are being published (last update: 19th April 2019)

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